Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Happy New Year

Sennen Cove buzzed over the Christmas/ New Year and so did Smart Surf School !

Here’s a shot from a New Year’s Eve student !!

Take care and we hope to see you all at the Surf School soon.

Best wishes for 2020 from the team x

Autumn sale

We are currently working on our winter range so let’s bosh out a little end of Summer deal and welcome Autumn with a little sale!

We are clearing our 100% recycled “I grew wealthier in the ocean” organic cotton T-Shirts.

Collaborated with @sebsmartx art work, locally printed with water based inks on 💯% Recycled post consumer materials.

Only £10


Down Time

It shouldn’t be called ‘down time’ because when the summer holidays finish, the Smart family holiday begins….

It’s been a busy summer and Smart Surf School operated as good as it ever has done. We are extremely proud of our team this year.

Featuring the whole Smart family team as well as secondary and primary school teachers turned surf coaches, Nick and Clare from New Zealand. These two have been an exceptional asset, adapting to our ways and settling in as part of our family. In addition, we were fortunate enough to acquire the ‘New’ twins, Huck and Woody New. Both young exceptional surfers, competing and champions at National level. For youngsters, the confidence exudes from them both. We also employed two of the Sennen lifeguards Tristan and Jacob – their water knowledge and beach safety skills have been a pivotal feature to the team (on their life guarding days off). Finally Tommy and Carlos. Local shredders learning the ropes and set to become permanent members of the team.

We need to mention that high level surfing ability means nothing if you don’t have the ability to communicate well to customers with humility and respect. Surfing ability aside, all of the above had exactly that…

Surfing ability aside, being a good surf coach is having the ability to communicate well, with humility and respect. Seb Smart enjoying some recent ‘down time’


Stoked on the new GoPro camera.

We’re catching all of your action close up !

Sennen GoPro surf school

Smart Surf Apparel

Seb Smart

Smart Surf Apparel is now on the go.

We’ve been having fun designing graphics for our garments and sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics.

A lot of our stuff is 100% recycled and solely produced using renewable green energy, that of wind and solar power.

The ink used for prints are permanent water based inks and all the pressing process is sourced using a Sennen local business.

It’s at the very early stages but if you’ve read this, type in ‘member2000’ into the discount code box on sales to receive 10% off your orders.

Sam 2nd in the Masters English Nationals

Not a win but a fun day at Perranporth.

Sun shine, fun waves and a second place for for Smart Surf’s head coach and business founder.

He’s still got it….

Our Instructor Seb Smart Scores A Cover Shot On The UK’s Biggest Surf Magazine !

When the wind blows from the North East (towards the notorious Sennen ‘look out’ in the background of the shot) It means a couple of important things to the professional surfer.

1: It’s the the perfect wind direction for punting massive airs ! When you launch, a pocket of air sits under your board which helps keep it connected to your feet. This allows a longer air time, more height and a better photo opportunity!

All that’s needed now, is a surfer like Seb, with a big enough pair of balls to go huge and a professional photographer like Toby Butler to perfectly capture the magic.

Speaking of photographers, that brings me to the second ‘thing’

2: The cold ! This wind is a cold wind. The sort of wind that gets under your skin. The sort of wind that makes the doors that don’t usually slam, SLAM! The kind of wind that makes those poor little photographer’s fingers, NUMB !

So the stage was set for Seb and Toby. They had previously carried out a shoot that day at another location (which didn’t go to plan) but neither were really feeling great. Toby was suffering from a bad virus and Seb had an injury from a previous surf.

However, while drinking tea and sobbing about injuries, illnesses and surf conditions at Seb’s abode at the top of Sennen. They notice a sudden change in the wind direction.

It was this change that was needed, to put the vision you see above, into their heads.

Visions are important in life. For those who want to achieve something, a vision is like a plan. As long as you can see it, feel it and taste it. It’s as good as the blue prints to making a cup of tea ! Without visions, We’re blind !

So off they go (each with this ‘vision’) …….and look what they achieved!!

Bravo to Seb and Toby. Cold, ill and injured but the desire pulls through.

Thank you Carve magazine and the team involved. We understand your hard work and know the struggles of balance and competition, that is the internet !

But let’s just get one thing straight !

For a pro surfer to feature on the front of your magazine, 100% beats featuring on some popular surf forum (and always will)

It’s like receiving an Email VS receiving a hand written letter.

It’s something special, real and something we as surfers appreciate more….

Much love from Sam and the team SSS

Meet the team – Life’s a beach for this family

Sam Smart

Sam Smart founded the surf school in the year 2000. He came from a background of beach lifeguarding and British professional surfing.

Last year, he was runner up in the English nationals and still competes on the UK pro surf tour. Look out for Sam’s interviews on the mike with the UK’s freshest crop of pro surfers throughout the tour.

A former English surf team representative and a passionate surf coach who has worked in the trade all over the world, including some of the world’s top surf schools in Australia.

He’s been surf coaching for nearly 20 years and his knowledge for surf instruction and the water’s edge at Sennen is second to none !

Seb Smart

Seb is the youngest Smart sibling – A cover boy for the UK’s top surf magazines and a current international professional free surfer.

Seb holds numerous English and British surfing titles and has represented England in the European surf games with his brother Sam.

Although Seb has the ability to win surfing titles – his approach sways more towards style, travel and creativity. Seb is on the VANS European surf team and is working on projects that allow him to explore the world and live the life !

He’s been coaching at Smart Surf for nearly 10 years and was a former lifeguard at Sennen beach. He’s a clear, concise surf coach and has amazing water knowledge.

We are stoked to have him on our team and give our customers the opportunity to rub shoulders with one of the UK’s best.

Lew Smart

Lew was also a former lifeguard and a Waterman extraordinaire ! He traveled the world with a professional body boarding career, snagging junior and senior British titles along the way. At one point he was a sponsored rider, both for surfing and bodyboarding which is a rare feat !

Lew combines over 15 years of coaching and lifeguard experience and carries out nearly all of the private surf lessons for Smart Surf.

In his spare time, Lew is an actor and once played a body double for Matt Damon.

Lew is currently working on a comedy series project and is looking forward to meeting you all this Summer for some fun in the sun.

Hollie Smart

Hollie our female coach is a legend. This is her 3rd year coaching at Smart Surf and has already translated into one of the favourites.

Patient, fun and fully qualified, Hollie also rips and has recently picked up a sponsorship with C-Skins wetsuits !

Hollie is currently studying health science and medicine and is a proud mother of two.

She’s got the biggest smile by far and although she’s the newest addition, she’s already a huge asset to the Smart Smart team !!


For those of you who missed this post on our social media. Here it is on our blog.

Makes you wonder – Do people still actually browse through our blogs or simply short cut through Facebook and Instagram – I hope it’s not the latter.

A Sennen rainbow is always an extra nice treat.

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1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
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5 x 2 hour sessions -
The Best