Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Just Surf

Just get out there and have fun.

It doesn’t matter how good you are.

If you’re getting rolled around the shore with sand and snot all over your face, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you enjoy yourself.

The priorities at #smartsurf are:




The best surfer is the happiest one 😊

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Thats A Wrap

To wrap up the year in a word, we would simply have to say ‘busy’

The whole Smart Surf team have all had their hands full this summer but it all worked out for the best. Seb has been on several big trips with his sponsor VANS and one trip in particular saw him on a massive pull out poster inside one of the big UK surf magazines. We must say a special thank you to Steve England from Carve Surfing Magazine for all his help.

Seb’s backhand swoop featured on a pullout poster in Carve Surfing Magazine

Senior coach Sam has re joined the UKPSA (UK pro surf tour) and has been competing all over the UK  throughout the year. He eventually finished 8th overall in the UK and is looking to make the top 5 next year. It’s tough to find time to surf yourself when you are coaching 2 or 3 lessons a day !

Sam competing at the wave pool (Surf Snowdonia) North Wales

In between getting in the sea as much as she can, Hollie has been combining her surf coaching with being a Mum (to our 1 year old, Ru) and running her air BnB all at the same time !

Hollie’s wholesome smiles

Our season is short and intense and running a family business is tough but very rewarding.

Come winter, we can now look for ways to make summers better for all of us (including our customers)

Moving forward, we are in discussions about smaller groups, longer lessons and are in the process of ordering some new equipment.

In the meantime, we will be surfing ourselves.

Bring on the winter – see you all next summer !


Team SSS x

Surfing before walking

Warm water and small waves allowed us to get our baby daughter, Ru, surfing before she could walk.

What a fantastic summer it was here at Sennen !

Winters are great too, in a different way.

Watching the waves smash against the cliffs during storms. The epic colours of the sky and the ocean with contrasting weather conditions. Those sunny crisp days where the Atlantic air is as fresh as can be. Empty beaches and pumping surf.

Who needs flash cars and first class flights?

What we have is priceless…


The second event of the UK pro Surf tour was recently held at the Surf Snowdonia activity park, North Wales.

Yes, it’s a man made wave, created using an energy efficient giant plough that drives down the centre of a giant lagoon (the size of 6 football pitches side by side)

The effect of the machine causes a head high wake that breaks very similar to a real wave due to the depth of water and the angle of the wave.

The wave has been designed for surfers of all abilities including beginners so there’s something there for everyone to get their kicks.

An ideal location to host an event for the UK’s top surfers to showcase their skills in a compact area for the spectators to view and judges to score.

Sam made the quarter finals, finishing equal 5th, just like he did in the first event (At watergate Bay, Newquay) which leaves him currently ranked number 5 on the UK leaderboard.

Smart Surf instructor Sam Smart in action at the wave pool

For all the events, results and live streams, check out the official UK PRO SURF TOUR website.

Ta for now…

“Where’s Seb ?”

A few of our September students have been asking of the whereabouts of our Master Sebastian Smart.

Seb’s been a busy boy, with a short Surf trip to the highlands of Scotland with Style boarder, Mikey Lay and the Wavelength Magazine crew for an up coming article for the mag.

Then on the way home, Seb stopped of at Bristol to meet up with his sponsor – the VANS Europe Surf team to take on the mighty River Severn Bore ‘Tidal Wave’

For those of you that don’t know:

“The Severn bore is a tidal bore seen on the tidal reaches of the River Severn in south western England. It is formed when the rising tide moves into the funnel-shaped Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary and the surging water forces its way upstream in a series of waves, as far as Gloucester and beyond ”

Seb rode a wave for over a mile long !

Here’s what Seb had to say about the unreal experience

“It was a pretty amazing experience. Not only riding the tidal wave but the people you meet along the way. Its a rare and dangerous thing surfing that bore, so there’s not much time to be pretentious. Its all so pure and exciting”

Thinking out loud

Interesting times when we have to label food (as in normal natural food) as ‘Super Food’

Other than being normal and natural, it’s not really super. It’s just food that grows out of the ground for FREE (apart from the manual labour which is utterly satisfying ).

Yet companies use the term ‘Super Food’ primarily as a marketing strategy – as of course, most of what we eat today is processed in one way or another.

Practice growing your own fruit and veg, teach your children how to grow natural food.

Because if you don’t, one day you may find yourself relying 100% on these markets with their marketing strategies.

What a fantastic subject this would be to teach the kids at schools from a young age ?

Couples Deluxe

Bringing couples together through Cornwall and Surfing.

Get involved and book though our contact form for enquiries.

A Russian’s Surf camp with a twist

For those of you that don’t know, we are now taking enquiries for our ‘out of season’ Smart Surf Camps.

Two, 3 or 5 night packages are available in our suburb double studio in the heart of St Just.

The deals will include pick ups from and to Penzance station, transport to the beach, a surf coaching session each morning and free equipment hire for the rest of the day.

A great way to hang with the our pro surfing coaches and improve your surfing to the next level.

Prices for our couples deal

2 nights £250 – 2 Private sessions

3 night £350 – 3 Private sessions

5 nights £550 – 5 Private sessions

Book early to save disappointment !

A little story for you:

I once drove into Penzance to pick up some guests for our Surf Camp, on what happened to be the day Penzance tries to beat the world record for ‘most ever pirates in one place.’

Basically a fun fancy dress challenge.

The whole town was riddled with pirates and when I arrived at the train station, there they were, all waiting to go home. Pirates everywhere !!

So when I collected our guests from the train station (who happened to be Russian) They said “what’s with all these pirates?”

I said “This is Penzance, we ARE pirates, have you not heard of ‘The pirates of Penzance’ ? This is how we dress”

It just sort of slipped out….

As we drove up the main street, I said “look ! There’s a baby pirate”, I then said “Look, there’s some pirates waiting for the bus“ and when we reached the top of town, I said “Look !! There’s some drunken pirates!! You’d better wind your window up! – They can get a bit rowdy”

She wound her window up as fast as she could and in complete awe cried “Wow, I cant believe this!! It’s like going back in time ! I wish I had my camera”

To this day, she still thinks we are all pirates…

- £35 -
1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
- £85 -
3 x 2 hour sessions -
- £120 -
5 x 2 hour sessions -
The Best
- £80 -
90 minutes of private
surf coaching