Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Couples Deluxe

Bringing couples together through Cornwall and Surfing.

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A Russian’s Surf camp with a twist

For those of you that don’t know, we are now taking enquiries for our ‘out of season’ Smart Surf Camps.

Two, 3 or 5 night packages are available in our suburb double studio in the heart of St Just.

The deals will include pick ups from and to Penzance station, transport to the beach, a surf coaching session each morning and free equipment hire for the rest of the day.

A great way to hang with the our pro surfing coaches and improve your surfing to the next level.

Prices for our couples deal

2 nights £250 – 2 Private sessions

3 night £350 – 3 Private sessions

5 nights £550 – 5 Private sessions

Book early to save disappointment !

A little story for you:

I once drove into Penzance to pick up some guests for our Surf Camp, on what happened to be the day Penzance tries to beat the world record for ‘most ever pirates in one place.’

Basically a fun fancy dress challenge.

The whole town was riddled with pirates and when I arrived at the train station, there they were, all waiting to go home. Pirates everywhere !!

So when I collected our guests from the train station (who happened to be Russian) They said “what’s with all these pirates?”

I said “This is Penzance, we ARE pirates, have you not heard of ‘The pirates of Penzance’ ? This is how we dress”

It just sort of slipped out….

As we drove up the main street, I said “look ! There’s a baby pirate”, I then said “Look, there’s some pirates waiting for the bus“ and when we reached the top of town, I said “Look !! There’s some drunken pirates!! You’d better wind your window up! – They can get a bit rowdy”

She wound her window up as fast as she could and in complete awe cried “Wow, I cant believe this!! It’s like going back in time ! I wish I had my camera”

To this day, she still thinks we are all pirates…

Shoulda been ere yesterday dude !

As the weather forecasters accurately predicted, we have been cradled by a very pleasant heat wave. As you may all know, ‘heat wave’ usually means tiny surf. Well in this case it does but tiny waves mean MASSIVE boards ! The last few days of bliss weather means we have had to roll out the heavy artillery (pictured above) We usually call these boards the ‘No hopers’ (for those who literally can’t stand up on anything else) or the ‘Lilly Pads’ (As our coach little Hollie looked like a frog in distress, as she once tried to Surf one) These boards absolutely LOVE tiny waves and seem to catch any swell going.

So Mother Nature!! Please keep up your beautiful work. Please deliver us HOT weather and tiny waves – we got our students covered….

What’s been on ?

‘Out of season’ is cool.

We get to surf and play during the preparation of the holidays.

Our head coach Sam Smart finished 2nd in the ‘Masters’ English Nationals and the following week, placed an equal 9th with brother Seb in UK PRO Surf tour Open at Watergate Bay. Both Sam and Seb will be campaigning on the tour throughout the year so stay tuned via the UK PRO SURF TOUR Facebook for live feeds of the events.

Until the next stop of the pro tour – It’s back to work and our coaches will be renewing their beach lifeguard awards which need to renewed every two years.

We are looking forward to receiving a new batch of wetsuits through our good friends at C-Skins and some amazing new boards that will revolutionise our coaching !…

Hope you like this shot – The pre holiday weather has been amazing.

Let’s hope it lasts ?

It’s a family affair

We’ve been doing this since we were kids!

Working from home and carving out a career, doing something we truly love 😍

Heat Waves

As predicted, we are currently enjoying a taster of this heavily touted heat wave !

Although the heat is somewhat sporadic throughout the South West, the waves have been exceptional !

Anybody who knows Sennen, understands it’s ability to look great in photos.

Here it is, doing a great job expressing some of its favourite features.

Sun, Surf and landscape!

Surfer: Seb Smart, Photographer: Tom Cox

Easter blunder!

Another fantastic Easter dusted !

I just want to take a quick moment to thank all of our customers this year, but to also apologise to those that didn’t get a reply to their bookings and enquiries through our website !

Unfortunately, all of your bookings went straight through to our spam folder so they didn’t get read.

It was a wordpress spam issue.

Hollie is on the case, processing these now but hopefully you guys called our booking line as we were still busy over the holiday.

Thanks again and see you all soon.

Sam Smart

Surfs up

It’s that time of year.

Our season has started and the Surf is pumping.

Easter is a great time of year !

Here’s Smart Surf’s head coach, Sam Smart giving this Sennen wave a new spray job..

..Photo by Sam Breeze

Winter Escape – Fuertaventura

The Cornwall winters are long and get pretty cold. Some people like the tranquility. Others don’t. The key is to keep busy or to make an escape. With the amount of Flu and illness that has been going round, the latter seems more appropriate. After a pleasant flight, we landed in Fuerteventura (Sam , Hollie, baby Ru and Joel Bishop from West country surf school) and were stung by our hire car company who made us pay for another insurance policy, after we had already upgraded online. Don’t use ‘Gold Car’ – use ‘Autoreisen’ instead.

After unpacking our surf equipment into our Air BnB, Lew realised one of his bags had gone missing – The one containing his clothes, laptop, Passport and bank cards. Gone… A day later, we get a call that its been found, so we went to meet the guy that called. Unfortunately for Lew, he only had the passport. Everything else gone. Basically, someone pinched Lew’s bag during the time we were taking the stuff out of our car, and carrying it up to our flat. They took everything but left the passport. Fortunately, Lew received some good news the next day about something else that proves Karma does exist…

So, we’ve had a few fun waves, some hot weather, some rain, some wind, but all in all, a nice relaxing time so far. Fuerte’s a great spot with a bit of everything if you desire a few weeks away from those  dark winter days. Surfers or not…



- £35 -
1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
- £85 -
3 x 2 hour sessions -
- £120 -
5 x 2 hour sessions -
The Best