Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Smart Surf picks up a ‘valuable content’ award !

We are very pleased find out we have been recognised for all the right reasons by ‘Valuable Content’.

They are a business development website who have shown us appreciation by awarding us our very first award.

See why and how here.

Well done to the whole Smart Surf team on a fantastic Summer for all your hard work and enthusiasm.

Open all year round

A quick note to remind all of our students that we will be teaching surfing all year round ! Good surf, no crowds and winter wetsuits so the cold won’t be an issue.

The main benefit of a winter surf package in Cornwall is to take advantage of the ‘out of season’ accommodation rates.

Contact us so we can arrange your package deals for this winter…

“Join the family”

It’s like being part of the mafia. When you’re in, your in!

Our Motto is “join the family” When you have a lesson at the Smart Surf School, you are joining 3 families:

1 The Surfing family – Become surfers and be a part of a positive friendly community

2 Your family –  Bring your family together with an unforgettable experience

3 The Smart family – Meet the brothers and rely on us for any help regarding surfing in the future

This is how we live…..

What Is The Sennen Hellraisers ?

The Sennen Hellraisers is a club formed by the Smart Surf School.

It’s based on healthy morals of which we pass on to the local children.

We basically surf each Saturday afternoon and do good deeds for the community. So far we have taught the kids about first aid and given them CPR training. We’ve trained and given them an understanding of ‘Rip Currents’ which cause hundreds of drownings each year, resulting in one of our Hellraisers to rescue two holiday makers from a dangerous rip and literally saved their lives. We regularly clean the beach and run errands for the elderly members of the Sennen community.

Our actions and motives are based on in 3 logical principles held by the historical Incan civilisation….

Theses morals were:

Honesty, Dilligence and respect. Three key principles that can lead to a naturally enlightening wellbeing if adhered to…

Find out more at

Our Sennen Hellraisers at Smart Surf School

Good Vibrations From Sennen

We’ve upgraded our surfboard fleet for summer

This group from our our recent half term sampled the equipment in some sunny conditions.
Stoked !

We aim to get more ‘first time’ students up and riding than ever before !

Glad to be back !

On a sponsored photo shoot to South Africa, one of our main coaches and family member Seb Smart encountered a catalogue of misfortune.

At a quiet surf spot, north of Cape town, Seb and the rest of the team had their belongings stolen while they slept in their apartment. We’re talking passports, wallets, camera equipment and laptops etc…Throw in some food poisoning and and a car accident into the mix and you have a very eventful surf trip to say the least. Despite the drama, some of the belongings were returned and nobody got injured. The boys scored some sick waves at the likes of Jefferies Bay and gained a huge wealth of experience…

Seb’s stoked to be home at Sennen and looking forward to spending the summer coaching and surfing with Sam and the rest of the Smart Surf team…

Seb Smart ‘Theres no place like home’

Welcome to our new website

After months of hard work we are excited to launch our new website.

We hope you enjoy our new features including the live Sennen webcam and our blogs on the go, as we go from the Smart brothers and co…

Sennen Cove, Cornwall


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