Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

 Frequently Asked Questions
about Sennen Cove and Smart Surf School


Where are you based?

We are based on Cove road in Sennen Cove, Cornwall.

At the bottom of Sennen Cove Hill, via left and keep going until you see us next door to the Blue Lagoon Chip Shop. Our post code is TR197DF

How do I pay for my lessons?

Payments can be made over the phone with all major card types. We also accept PayPal and Bank transfers.

Where do I park and how much is parking?

There are 3 car parks at Sennen Beach. Two at the bottom of the hill and 1 big grassy one at the top. The two at the bottom can get full in the 5 peak weeks.

Prices for parking range from £4 for the day. We suggest the car park near the lifeboat station as it’s the cheaper option and closer to our Surf School.

Is equipment included?

Yes, we supply top of the range Summer and winter wetsuits and a suitable surfboard for your ability.

Where do we change into our wetsuits?

We have male and female changing rooms.

What do I need to bring?

Your payment (if required), your swimming trunks and a towel.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No. Lessons are conducted in shallow water for beginners.

How long are the lessons?

Private lessons are 1 hour and 30 minutes and group lessons are 2 hours per session.

How fit do I need to be to surf?

To surf you need to be of reasonable fitness. Surfing can be a tiring pastime, so the more fit you are, the easier it will be.

How old do I need to be to surf?

Who knows how old some of our older students have been? Our minimum age for a group lesson is 10 years old, however – younger students can have private lessons.

What’s the youngest age we teach to surf?

Students between 5 and 10 will require 1 to 1 tuition.

What lessons or course would you recommend for me?

We always recommend our 5 day course as it covers all areas under the entry level umbrella. Private lessons are great because students tend to learn more much quicker.

Why is Smart Surf School better than other Surf schools?

Our coaches (The Smart Brothers) are seasoned lifeguards, surf coaches and professional surfers who live and breathe surfing.

They share over 35 years of surf instructing experience and operate in one of the most beautiful locations in the UK at Sennen Cove.

Our equipment and knowledge is second to none and our waves at Sennen Cove are safe, fun and ideal for beginners.

What time’s high tide?

Tide times can be found online or with a local tide table booklet. Tide times at Sennen change by the day (approximately an hour later each day) There are around 6 hours between high and low tide.

What time do The Dolphins come in?

It’s random. If we knew this question, we would be millionaires.

- £35 -
1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
- £85 -
3 x 2 hour sessions -
- £120 -
5 x 2 hour sessions -
The Best