Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Our Instructor Seb Smart Scores A Cover Shot On The UK’s Biggest Surf Magazine !

When the wind blows from the North East (towards the notorious Sennen ‘look out’ in the background of the shot) It means a couple of important things to the professional surfer.

1: It’s the the perfect wind direction for punting massive airs ! When you launch, a pocket of air sits under your board which helps keep it connected to your feet. This allows a longer air time, more height and a better photo opportunity!

All that’s needed now, is a surfer like Seb, with a big enough pair of balls to go huge and a professional photographer like Toby Butler to perfectly capture the magic.

Speaking of photographers, that brings me to the second ‘thing’

2: The cold ! This wind is a cold wind. The sort of wind that gets under your skin. The sort of wind that makes the doors that don’t usually slam, SLAM! The kind of wind that makes those poor little photographer’s fingers, NUMB !

So the stage was set for Seb and Toby. They had previously carried out a shoot that day at another location (which didn’t go to plan) but neither were really feeling great. Toby was suffering from a bad virus and Seb had an injury from a previous surf.

However, while drinking tea and sobbing about injuries, illnesses and surf conditions at Seb’s abode at the top of Sennen. They notice a sudden change in the wind direction.

It was this change that was needed, to put the vision you see above, into their heads.

Visions are important in life. For those who want to achieve something, a vision is like a plan. As long as you can see it, feel it and taste it. It’s as good as the blue prints to making a cup of tea ! Without visions, We’re blind !

So off they go (each with this ‘vision’) …….and look what they achieved!!

Bravo to Seb and Toby. Cold, ill and injured but the desire pulls through.

Thank you Carve magazine and the team involved. We understand your hard work and know the struggles of balance and competition, that is the internet !

But let’s just get one thing straight !

For a pro surfer to feature on the front of your magazine, 100% beats featuring on some popular surf forum (and always will)

It’s like receiving an Email VS receiving a hand written letter.

It’s something special, real and something we as surfers appreciate more….

Much love from Sam and the team SSS

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