Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Consistent mellow waves line the Sennen Cove shores,
ideal for rookies and pros alike.


We are as local as they come and 100% Cornish. As toddlers we spent most of our time chewing on surfboard wax and getting nailed in the high tide shore break.

As teenagers, we competed on the British pro surfing tour, winning local events and national titles. We each served our lifeguard duties at Sennen Cove throughout the Summers.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn all about the ocean, beach safety and gain valuable first aid experience. Not only that – but this allowed us to travel around the world during the winters – to take on some of the world’s most perfect, yet demanding waves to develop our surfing skills along side some of the world’s elite. It wasn’t until one afternoon when we were sat on the beach watching other surf schools construct surfing lessons, that we realised we could do it better. Our style is about keeping it together, smaller groups in a more personalised environment.

With our boundless energy, water knowledge, experience as lifeguards and professional surfing experience, we contain the key ingredients to provide a safe, fun and correct introduction to the art of riding waves.

So it was in the year 2000, Smart Surfing school was born. During these last 13 years, we’ve coached internationally and picked up coaching techniques from some of the world’s best (including world surfing champion Cheyne Horan on the Gold Coast of Australia). But we are not stopping here, surf coaches need coaching too, our journey continues…

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The surf Instructors at the Smart Surf School have all had at least 3 years of professional lifeguarding experience.

They each know how to run and manage a beach in all conditions and are especially knowledgeable of Sennen Cove. Our coaches are 100% local and know the beach like the backs of their hands.


We have taught surfing at some of the world’s elite surf schools on the east coast of Australia along with some of the best coaches.

We’ve had great pleasure sharing ideas and formulas with other coaches to help improve our services. Sam has recently spent a winter surf coaching with ex surfing world champion Cheyne Horan. Here’s what Cheyne had to say about Sam’s level of coaching: “I have worked with surf coaches from far and wide and I have no doubt that Sam is the best Surf Coach in the UK. A pleasure to work with and fantastic to share coaching techniques with, it’s helped us both become better coaches for our students.

“Have a good Surf !” – Cheyne Horan World Champion & Master Coach.


To be an instructor at Smart Surf, its mandatory that you surf at a very high level.

All of our coaches surf at National level and have or are competing on the British pro surf tour. Our youngest coach Seb Smart is a British Youths Champion and is currently regarded as one of Britain’s hottest prospects.


If you’ve never been to Sennen Cove you are truly missing out.

Our beautiful aquatic playground is as far South as you can go and boasts over a mile of golden sand and lush turquoise water. Sennen Cove is an unspoilt fishing village that serves up some of the most consistent swells in Cornwall. Great for surfers of all abilities.

Ratio / Value

Our student to coach ratio is 5 to 1. Only 15 students per lesson with at least 3 coaches.

The Smart Surf School is run and owned by the Smart family so there is no second party. We don’t run our surf school using what is known as ‘the Mc Donalds approach’ where lessons can become swamped with students. We have also maintained the best value rates in the area so you won’t get a better price! Our classes are personalised and structured to ensure that your surfing progresses with each lesson.


We invest back into the business each year to ensure your wetsuits are warm and comfortable.

Our boards are soft on the deck and rails, and slick on the bottom for maximum performance. We only work with British brands to help support the UK surf industry and would like to thank C-skins wetsuits, Gul wetsuits, NCS surfboards and Apres recovery for their support over the last 13 years.

- £35 -
1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
- £85 -
3 x 2 hour sessions -
- £120 -
5 x 2 hour sessions -
The Best