Shooting the action down on the water’s edge.

As you will tell, if you have seen our last few social media posts, we have a professional photographer working with us again this summer.

He will be available to shoot the action so you can purchase your favourite photos of yourselves.

If you would like to join in on the fun in the crystal waters of Sennen Cove, give us a call and we will book you in for your surf lessons at Cornwall’s premier surf school.

Winter Escape – Fuertaventura

The Cornwall winters are long and get pretty cold. Some people like the tranquility. Others don’t. The key is to keep busy or to make an escape. With the amount of Flu and illness that has been going round, the latter seems more appropriate. After a pleasant flight, we landed in Fuerteventura (Sam , Hollie, baby Ru and Joel Bishop from West country surf school) and were stung by our hire car company who made us pay for another insurance policy, after we had already upgraded online. Don’t use ‘Gold Car’ – use ‘Autoreisen’ instead.

After unpacking our surf equipment into our Air BnB, Lew realised one of his bags had gone missing – The one containing his clothes, laptop, Passport and bank cards. Gone… A day later, we get a call that its been found, so we went to meet the guy that called. Unfortunately for Lew, he only had the passport. Everything else gone. Basically, someone pinched Lew’s bag during the time we were taking the stuff out of our car, and carrying it up to our flat. They took everything but left the passport. Fortunately, Lew received some good news the next day about something else that proves Karma does exist…

So, we’ve had a few fun waves, some hot weather, some rain, some wind, but all in all, a nice relaxing time so far. Fuerte’s a great spot with a bit of everything if you desire a few weeks away from those  dark winter days. Surfers or not…



What Is The Sennen Hellraisers ?

The Sennen Hellraisers is a club formed by the Smart Surf School.

It’s based on healthy morals of which we pass on to the local children.

We basically surf each Saturday afternoon and do good deeds for the community. So far we have taught the kids about first aid and given them CPR training. We’ve trained and given them an understanding of ‘Rip Currents’ which cause hundreds of drownings each year, resulting in one of our Hellraisers to rescue two holiday makers from a dangerous rip and literally saved their lives. We regularly clean the beach and run errands for the elderly members of the Sennen community.

Our actions and motives are based on in 3 logical principles held by the historical Incan civilisation….

Theses morals were:

Honesty, Dilligence and respect. Three key principles that can lead to a naturally enlightening wellbeing if adhered to…

Find out more at

Our Sennen Hellraisers at Smart Surf School

Glad to be back !

On a sponsored photo shoot to South Africa, one of our main coaches and family member Seb Smart encountered a catalogue of misfortune.

At a quiet surf spot, north of Cape town, Seb and the rest of the team had their belongings stolen while they slept in their apartment. We’re talking passports, wallets, camera equipment and laptops etc…Throw in some food poisoning and and a car accident into the mix and you have a very eventful surf trip to say the least. Despite the drama, some of the belongings were returned and nobody got injured. The boys scored some sick waves at the likes of Jefferies Bay and gained a huge wealth of experience…

Seb’s stoked to be home at Sennen and looking forward to spending the summer coaching and surfing with Sam and the rest of the Smart Surf team…

Seb Smart ‘Theres no place like home’