NIXON ‘The Weird’ Sennen Surf Contest

We were stoked to have Sennen as the location for the quirky ‘Nixon The Weird’ surf contest.

The concept was simple:

Grab a handful of Britain’s top surfers, select a handful of Britain’s top board shapers (with their most weirdest shaped surf weapons) and mix them all up in the high tide Sennen shore break  … And who ever surfs the best, wins 500 quid….

We were super stoked that one of our coaches, Sam Smart was invited to take part, and even happier on the waves and weather that Sennen produced on the day. The whole day was full of laughter, which braught out the best of the surfers in a relaxed and very un serious atmosphere. The boards were all pretty freaky and very fun including shapes from:

Hugh Brockman, Luke Young, Chris Harris, Seduction surfboards, Brad Rochfort and Lee Bartlett

St Ives slayer Jayce Robinson took the win with some stylish moves, and Brad Rochfort took the best board award with a funky little asymmetric thing everybody loved.

Surfers included were:

Jayce Robinson, Alan Stokes, Lee Bartlett, George Carpenter, Jimbo Bennett, Sam Lamiroy, Sam Smart, Max Hudson, Isaac Marshall, Mikey Ley.


A huge thanks to everyone involved to help this event happen.

Great stuff…

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Alan Stokes, Sam Smart, Sam Lamiroy, Lee Bartlett and Mikey Ley