Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall
Smart Surf School Sennen, Cornwall

Trimming across the green water is a beautiful feeling. We can make this happen for you on your third surf lesson at Sennen Cove.

Trim surf lesson at Sennen Cove with Smart Surf School

This course includes 3 x 2 hour sessions that can be booked on days that best suit your schedules.

Throughout these lessons, you will eventually learn how to turn your board and master the basics within the white water. We will also cover surf etiquette, wave selection and get your surf success rate through the roof.  This is a great course to help build surf confidence in your self or for your children.

“Joshua (11) took the five day course and went from being frightened by breakers to independently swimming out to catch the clean waves outback. He now has his own board and is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm.”

*Students need to be at least 10 to partake.

*All your equipment will be provided with your course and there are no hidden charges.

*When we receive your provisional booking, we will get back to you with your lesson times. Lesson times can be dependent on the tide times of that day. Usually our lessons are at 11am and/or 2pm.

*Students get to use the same suits as our coaches thanks to our sponsor ‘C-Skins’ wetsuits. Our boards are soft for safety and have slick bottoms for extra speed and glide.

*Please give us 24 hrs notice if you wish to cancel your lesson for your refund.

*Lessons will only be cancelled if the waves are too big or too small in which case, your lessons can be re-scheduled or refunded. If it rains, we will still operate.

*We need 24 hour notice on all cancellations or coaches fees will be deducted from refunds.

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Provisionally book ‘Trim’ 3 x 2 surf lessons for £85

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- £35 -
1 x 2 hour session -
A great experience
- £85 -
3 x 2 hour sessions -
- £120 -
5 x 2 hour sessions -
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