Volume: 111L
Length: 8’0″ /2140mm
Width: 25″ / 673mm
Thickness: 4″ /102mm

An ex Smart Surf School board designed for learning to surf on. Super wide, super thick and super stable.

A knocks and bumps but well fully repair any dings and provide a leash and fresh leash and fin plugs.

The Super Wide Surf School Board has been designed by former world number 5 Phil McDonald, as the ultimate board for the beginner surfer. Designed using the same construction as the SSB board, the Super Wide SSB board gives the ultimate stability so all levels of beginners can stand up and enjoy surfing quicker. With added width, thickness and lower rocker the Super Wide SSB is the perfect beginner board for all learners no matter what weight and height.

– CARRY HANDLE: Takes the hassle out of carrying the board

– FINS: 3x soft, replaceable 100mm PU fins

– EPS CORE: Lighter and more bouyant in the water for better performance

– TAIL SHAPE: Superwide square tail for extra stability

– TEMPLATE SHAPE: Super wide and thick for greater stability

– DECK GRAPHICS: Designed to aid with foot placement for beginner surfers

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