Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove is the UK’s most South Westerly point just before Land’s End

It boasts over a mile of golden soft sand in an unspoilt setting only the fortunate have experienced.

The infamous surrounding coast encounters the full impact from the consistent Atlantic swells that are responsible for the countless shipwrecks that have occurred off Land’s End over the centuries.

Local wreckers would be first on the scene, risking their lives to scavenge anything of value that ships lost due to the wild west storms, before smuggling them to safety through an alleged maze of tunnels that apparently run from the cove, all the way to the top of the hill. The latest wreck of note was the MV RMS Mulheim which ran aground between Sennen and Land’s End in March 2003 but unfortunately for the locals, it was carrying 2,200 tonnes of car scrap plastic.

Sennen itself is a quiet fishing village with a small population.

It sees thousands of tourists each Summer but the winters are a different story. It’s known for it’s beautiful landscape, the mysterious schools of mullet among other visitors including bottle nosed dolphins, seals and the friendly basking sharks. However, it’s the surf that is becoming its most popular attraction.

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West Cornwall

Consistent mellow waves line the shores, ideal for rookies and pros alike. Small waves to the left of the beach (ideal for beginners) and bigger ones to the right for the more experienced.

It’s not all about the surf. There are beautiful walks, including a 40 to 50 minute walk from Sennen to Lands end, where you can witness the remains of the RMS Mulheim shipwreck and an ancient Bronze age cliff Castle (Castle Maen) all the while, gazing out to sea at the stunning views through the tunnel in the cliff off Land’s End, the sharks fin rock and the long ships lighthouse.

When you reach Land’s End visitor resort, you can treat yourself to refreshments while checking out the themed tourist attraction itself.

Escape the crowds of North Cornwall, welcome to the wild west of Cornwall, Sennen Cove.

Sennen Cove has a mini market, two local pubs (The Old Success at the bottom of the hill and The First and Last at the top), several restaurants and a few cafes. There are 3 car parks, one at the top of the hill and two at the bottom. Sennen has at least 3 camp sites in and and around the area and a fair few holiday lets, B&B and hotels. We suggest bookings are made early to save disappointment.

Sennen harbour

Surfing at Sennen Cove since 1971 – Skewjack Surf Village.

We are proud to be part of the UK surf herritage here at Sennen Cove. Way back in 1971 the first ever UK surf village was born called Skewjack and Sennen Cove along with neighbouring Gwynver Beach was the base for its surf lessons.

Skewjack Surf Village

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