The Smart Brothers

The Smart brothers are 100% Cornish and have spent most of their lives on the water’s edge of Sennen Cove

As toddlers they spent their summers getting their nappies sandy, while getting tumbled in the high tide shore break and as teenagers, they competed on the British pro surfing tour, winning local events and national titles.

Each of them served their lifeguard duties at Sennen Cove throughout the busy Summers which was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn all about the ocean, beach safety and gain valuable first aid experience.

The perks of this lifestyle allowed the trio to travel around the world during the winter down time – to take on some of the world’s most most demanding waves with some of the top pros. It wasn’t until one afternoon when Sam and Lew were sat on the beach watching other surf schools construct surfing lessons, they realised they held a unique blend of skill sets to provide an unrivalled bespoke surfing experience.

The Smart Surf School style is about keeping it together, smaller groups in a more personalised environment.

With their combination of boundless energy, water knowledge, experience as lifeguards and professional surfing experience, Smart Surf School contains the key ingredients to provide a safe, enjoyable and progressive introduction to the art of riding waves.

So it was in the year 2000, Smart Surf School was born.

During the last 20 years, the Smart brothers have each coached internationally and picked up coaching techniques from some of the world’s best (including world surfing champion Cheyne Horan on the Gold Coast of Australia). But they are not stopping here, surf coaches need coaching too, the journey continues.

Smart Surf School now has over 15 employees including Sam’s partner Hollie and the school has picked up multiple awards including honours such as being voted ‘best surf school in Cornwall 2017’ and ‘1 of the best learning experiences in Europe 2020’

Beach and surf safety


The surf Instructors at the Smart Surf School all hold their beach lifeguard qualifications and undertake thorough training each year. They each know how to run and manage a beach in all conditions and are especially knowledgeable of Sennen Cove. All of the coaches are local to the area and know the beach like the back of their hands.


Having taught surfing at some of the world’s premium surf schools on the east coast of Australia along with some of the best coaches. The Smart Surf team had great pleasure in sharing ideas and formulas with other coaches to help improve the school’s services. Sam has spent many winters away, surf coaching with ex surfing world champion Cheyne Horan. Here’s what Cheyne had to say about Sam’s level of coaching: “I have worked with surf coaches from far and wide and I have no doubt that Sam is the best Surf Coach in the UK. A pleasure to work with and fantastic to share coaching techniques with, it’s helped us both become better coaches for our students.” “Have a good Surf !” – Cheyne Horan World Champion & Master Coach.

Surf ability


To be an instructor at Smart Surf, its mandatory that you surf at a very high level. All of our coaches surf at National level and have or are competing on the British pro surf tour. Our youngest coach Seb Smart is a British Champion and has represented the English team with brother Sam. Seb is currently regarded as one of Britain’s most respected surfers and makes a career out of professional surfing. However, regardless of actual surfing ability, our priorities are about keeping our students safe and not forgetting that the best surfers are the ones having the most fun.

Location - Surfing at Sennen Cove


Over a mile of golden sand and lush turquoise water. Sennen Cove is an unspoilt fishing village that serves up some of the most consistent swells in Cornwall and is a regular hang out joint for the bottle nose dolphins, basking sharks (which are friendly) and seals – since the Covid-19 out-break the marine life has thrived with an improvement in sightings across the bay. Essentially, the waves are ideal for learning to surf as the cove is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean which provides enough swell for all abilities.


Ratio / Value

The student to coach ratio is 6 to 1 – only 6 students per lesson. Smart Surf School is an independent business, run and owned by the Smart family so there is no second party. Value is important and Smart Surf has maintained the best value rates in the area to date. Classes are personalised and structured to ensure that your surfing progresses with each lesson.

Quality surf hire and Sennen Cove Cornwall


Smart Surf invest back into the business each year to ensure your top-of-the-range wetsuits provide optimum warmth and flexibility. The boards are soft on the deck and rails for safety and slick on the bottom for maximum performance – 2021 sees a new fleet of wetsuits and surfboards for you pleasure and progression. All of the surf equipment is provided with lessons as well as changing facilities for you convenience. As a brand, Smart Surf works closely work with British brands to help support the UK surf industry and would like to thank C-skins wetsuits and Vision surfboards for their continued support over the years.

“We respect Mother Earth and all that lives and breathes on her”

We are grateful for the warmth of the sun and the mystical lights of the stars at night. We always thank her for her fertile soil and fruitful ocean – for providing us with the food we eat and the water we drink.

But we especially thank her for the waves we ride”



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